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ReZu Audio Player

ReZu is an audio player that focuses on simplicity, folders and bookmarking.

What's new in version 2?

Volume reset button and volume menu reset

ReZu warning icon

If the volume is above 40% a red volume icon appears as a reminder (if your screen is larger than 3 inches)

Tapping it will reset the device's media volume back down to 10%

A "reset volume" menu item is always present since the icon bar may need to hide

Continue playing after a phone call ends

ReZu will pause and autobookmark (if enabled) when your phone rings and while you are on a call. A new setting is available in the settings section to enable resume playing after a phone call ends

Default folder tap

ReZu default folder tap

Choose what to do when tapping a previously added folder. For example, resuming from the folder's last bookmark is now an option rather than asking with a dialog

My favourite is to set "Run folders auto bookmark"

Equalizer improvements

ReZu equilizer

New preset equalizer settings may now be available. Items like "pop" or "classical" may appear depending on your device's hardware chipset

Extra base is now an option if your device supports it

Lots of room (show full file name)

ReZu extra room for filename

A new setting to hide all non essential things on the interface to make room for really-long-file-names-that-go-on-and-on-for-detail-dot-extension tracks

Pause from notification

ReZu audio player notifies with pause

You can now pause directly from the system notification. (if your device is android 5 and above)

Bookmark details

ReZu Audio Player

Holding down on a bookmark will now show filename, folder, and position details for system and additional bookmarks

Fade in

ReZu fade in

A gentle fade in was added when the player first starts because I thought it was pleasant

Font size

ReZu can now handle fonts of various sizes gracefully. Setting fonts in your device's "Settings" (not in ReZu's settings) will be applied throughout the application

Plays nicely with others

Various improvements were made to be a good citizen on your device

Speed improvements

A general set of speed optimizations

Core features :

Bookmarking :

ReZu bookmark interface

ReZu can automatically store a resumable bookmark per folder

You can tell ReZu to store as many resumable bookmarks per folder as you like, whenever you like

ReZu can delete resume points, individual or all bookmarks, and forget remembered folders (all stored data)

Background :

ReZu pauses

ReZu can pause when a phone call begins

ReZu can pause when your earphones are unplugged

ReZu can pause when your bluetooth devices are used

ReZu pauses

ReZu can keep your screen always on, only while plugged in, or let it sleep when it likes

ReZu pauses

ReZu can play while you use other apps

Cautioning :

ReZu Warns

ReZu can warn you if the volume is above 65% by changing its topbar to various colors of red if your device is android 5 and above

Equalizer :

ReZu equilizer

ReZu's Equalizer will read your hardware and create the correct set of bands available for your device

Theming :

ReZu Phone background
ReZu audio player in blue

ReZu has two themes to choose from (provided your phone is Android 4.4 KitKat and above)

ReZu has a basic theme for older android devices

ReZu has support for the following formats :

Android 7 : mp3, aac, ogg, flac, 3gp, ts(not seekable), mkv, m4a(can't rewind or fast forward), wav

Android 6 : mp3, aac, ogg, flac, 3gp, ts(not seekable), mkv, m4a(not seekable), wav

Android 5 : mp3, aac, ogg, flac, 3gp, ts(not seekable), mkv, m4a(not seekable), wav

Android 4 : mp3, aac(Android 4.1), ogg, flac, 3gp, ts(not seekable), mkv, m4a(not seekable), wav

Android 3 : mp3, ogg, flac(Android 3.1), 3gp, ts(not seekable), mkv, m4a(not seekable), wav

Choose to purchase, or get the Ad supported free version below

Click/Tap the Google Play image to get the free version

ReZu Audio Player

Why AdSupport?

This is a older full version. Other than the fact that it's an old version, the difference at this time is the splendid icon, the need for internet access, and the advertisements. It's still pretty good though

Since I work on this version when I have the time, it may not contain all of the full versions features listed above

Click/Tap the Google Play image to purchase

ReZu AdSupport

Why buy?

It has all the features listed above.

More space on smaller device's. This version won't hide parts of the interface to make room for the ads (Since there aren't any advertisments in this version)

Privacy. ReZu paid (full) version does not need internet access and has the least number of permissions that I could use without compromising features

Using less resources the full version will give you more battery life

The paid version does not replace the AdSupport version. They will peacefully coexist but blissfully be unaware of each other

Get it on Google Play

Frequently asked questions :

(tap on the question for an answer)

Ok, so I installed it, now what?

ReZu seperates adding a folder and choosing a folder into seperate tasks.
Before you can play stuff, you need to add a folder first. There are 3 little dots on more recent phones in the top right corner that represent a menu. From there you can select "Add a folder". Once you complete that task, you can find the folder you just selected by going back to the three little dot menu in the top right, and selecting "Previous Folders". Click the folder for further options. Some phones however may not have the dot menu, so in this case you should look for a physical button at the bottom of your phone.

I tried to add a folder but ReZu says that there doesn't seem to be any folders here and that there doesn't seem to be any playable files here. Now what?

ReZu defaults to your phone's internal storage. Please ensure that your playable files are in your phone's default music folder.
If you want to access your additional memory card or some other folder, select the "Settings" menu option located in the three little dot menu in the top right corner. In ReZu's settings, select the "Default folder path" and wipe out the word "Default"(no quotes), and put a "/" in (no quotes). This will give you access to all unprotected folders available on your device. Now go to the "Add a folder menu" and navigate to your desired folder.
Your memory card is usually in the /sdcard or /storage folder.

I want ReZu to delete all resume points and bookmarks and forget all the folders I have selected. How do I do that?

There are 3 little dots on more recent phones in the top right corner that represent a menu. Tap that and then select the "Settings" menu option. Once you are there, select the 3 little dots menu again. From there you can see the "Delete all bookmarks" menu option and the "Delete all folders" options.
Please note that deleting all bookmarks will also delete all resume points as well.

I tap the dots in the top right but the menu I am looking for is missing. What gives?

The "three dot" app menu that your phone usually shows in the top right corner of the application changes based on what you are doing and can be used for navigation. Please check there for relevant options. Tap the "Settings menu" and then tap the "three dot" app menu again for a complete list.

My bookmarks and resume points are all gone. I don't think I did anything so what happened?

ReZu needs access to your device's storage to retrieve its data. It seems android blocks access while the device is plugged in to a computer and a file transfer is in progress. Unplug your device from your computer, restart ReZu and everything should return.

The equalizer is driving me crazy! Why does the equalizer keep shutting down?

The problem may be in the file. I have had reports that suggest the file playing may contain errors. Try replacing the file with a fresh copy. In the mean time when the track changes to the next file, the equalizer with reinitialize. If you want to initialize the equalizer instead of fiddling with the equalizer settings, you can press pause, then play and it will reinitialize the equalizer.

Where did all my buttons and stuff go?

ReZu figures out what can fit on the screen and tries to keep the most important interface elements that your screen size supports. Setting your phones font size in your phone settings will also effect what ReZu thinks it can fit on screen. Try reducing your phone font size, or tap the song title to switch Rezu out of "Lots of room" mode. Finally, the AdSupport version contains ads which take up space. So for more space rather than buying a bigger device maybe try buying the full version?