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I tend to learn new languages whenever I can and use whatever tool seems best for the job favouring a few that work cross platform. Outlined below are the languages I work with.

Php {

I have been writing php for 8 years creating websites from scratch. I have created modules and plugins for some of the largest web frameworks on the web. I have used php on servers for background automated scripting in a non website based role.

Php is a language that powers 83.6% percent of the web as of this writing.


The C's {

C, C++, C# are software languages that are used in nearly everything. I have been writing software in these languages for 8 years creating server solutions, web frameworks and desktop software.


Javas {

Java and Javascript are languages that power the web and mobile devices. Javascript is used in 92.8% of websites, while Java powers 82.8% of mobile(phone) software as of this writing.

I have written Javascript for 6 years, and java for Android(tm) for 2.


Sqls {

Mysql and Sqlite are two Sql implementations that I frequently use in projects. Websites and mobile applications need data storage and I tend to favour these in development respectively.


Python {

Although my experice is limited to only a couple of small projects, I keep finding use cases for python and expect to use it regularly in the future.


Shell scripting {

I have been glueing solutions together using Bash derivatives and vbs/batch scripts for over 10 years. During that time, I have used these tools to quickly roll out solutions that would normally require large application development.